The Factors Determining the Motivation to Participate in Erasmus Program for Turkish EFL Students


  • Öznur Semiz
  • Özlem Salman


This study aims to explore the factors determining the motivation to participate in Erasmus program for Turkish EFL Students. For the study, a questionnaire was conducted to comprehend students’ perceptions and understand the reasons that lead them to be a part of this program. The study involved 287 (87 male, 200 female) students studying at the department of Language and Literature at Karadeniz Technical University. Results of the study showed that the desire to improve the language skills and to experience European culture were the most influential reasons for participants to study abroad. Results also showed that there are perceived barriers on their way hindering students from applying study abroad program. The most recurrent reasons for not participating in the program were family issues and the fear of the difficulty in adapting to the university in a foreign country. This study includes suggested implications for the universities to increase student participation in Erasmus program. Keywords: motivation; study abroad; EFL; Erasmus program