Inquiring What to Teach and How to Teach in EVP Classes: A General Overview on English Teaching for Vocational Purposes in Turkey


  • Gökçe Hilal Sincer Cappadocia University


In the 21st century we have witnessed a rise of vocational educational training in Turkey. Millions of people in more than 1000 vocational colleges are being trained in almost 100 different vocations. As a result, English Language Teaching for Vocational Purposes has gained great importance. However, English for Vocational Purposes (EVP) is still a mystery to us. As the debates about what to teach and how to teach in the context of EVP are going on in the world, an inquiry into teaching English at a vocational training context becomes inevitable for us, too. We need to discuss the goals, contents and approaches of EVP and question if we are successful enough in terms of helping our students function well in a workplace at an international level. If English teaching in vocational colleges focuses more on professionalization, practicability and specialization, we need to find an answer to the essential question: What is the best way to provide students with an English course integrated with vocational contexts? A study of theoretical views about EVP will help us inquire our practices of English teaching for vocational purposes in Turkey.


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