An investigation of prospective teachers' awareness toward environmental issues

An investigation of prospective teachers' awareness


  • Mesut Ozonur Cukurova University


Today, a society with high environmental awareness is only possible through having teachers with a high level of environmental awareness. Therefore, identifying the level of environmental awareness among prospective teachers during their university education is important for training teachers with a greater sense of environmental awareness. To do this, a descriptive survey study was conducted to measure the level of awareness of prospective teachers pertaining to environmental issues. The sample of this study consisted of 470 prospective teachers studying in their junior and senior years in the faculty of education at a state university. There were a total of 256 juniors and 214 seniors. Participants were recruited from 8 departments in the faculty of education: Computer Education and Instructional Technology, English Language Teaching, French Language Teaching, German Language Teaching, Preschool Teaching, Primary School Teaching, Social Studies Teaching, and Turkish Language Teaching. The "Awareness Scale for Environmental Issues", which consists of 44 items with a 3-point Likert type scale, was used as the data collection tool for this study. Survey items were grouped into 6 factors. Cronbach Alpha reliability for this scale was calculated to be .806. Descriptive statistics were calculated during data analysis; however, because the data was not normally distributed, Mann-Whitney U tests were used for academic year and the Kruskal-Wallis test was used for academic departments. Results suggest that the general awareness level of environmental issues among prospective teachers was above average. Also, when the data were analyzed by academic year and department of study, results indicate a significant difference between prospective teachers’ level of awareness regarding environmental issues.