Relations among sensitivity, anxiety, self-efficacy and the use of metacognitive strategies in writing: a structural equation modeling

Relations among sensitivity, anxiety, self-efficacy


  • Nihat Bayat
  • Gizem Uyumaz Assistant Professor


The goal of this study is to set up a model of structural equation model about the process of writing through specification of relations among sensitivity in writing, writing anxiety, self-efficacy in written expression and metacognitive awareness of writing strategies. Participants of the research within the associative model are composed of 225 prospective teachers who are studying at different class levels of Turkish Teaching Department. The data of the research are collected through four different instruments. These instruments are Scale of Metacognitive Awareness of Writing Strategy, Writing Sensitivity Scale, Self-Efficacy for Writing Scale (SEWS) and Writing Anxiety Scale. Confirmatory factor analyses and structural path analyses are employed during data analysis. Consequently, it is confirmed that writing self-efficacy affects writing sensitivity and the use of metacognitive strategy, writing sensitivity affects writing metacognitive strategy use, and the use of metacognitive strategy affects writing anxiety. Taking into account these findings, it is observed that the constituted model is verified. Relying on these findings, researches on new models including other writing variables are proposed.