Teacher perceptions of factors influencing the quality of assessment on English communication courses in Japanese universities


  • Paul Anthony Marshall Matsuyama University


This study measured the perceptions of English language teachers at Japanese universities. It combined the results of online questionnaires on assessment practices and another one on teacher autonomy. Results showed that according to teachers' self-reports of assessment practices, certain measures of assessment quality are being affected by the high levels of teacher autonomy present in the Japanese university system. The results imply that increased top-down coordination may increase the quality of assessment according to the measures outlined in the study.

Author Biography

Paul Anthony Marshall, Matsuyama University

Paul Anthony Marshall is an English lecturer from the U.K. He is an IELTS speaking examiner and teaches at Matsuyama University in Ehime, Japan. His courses there include International Communication, Composition, U.S. & European Culture & history. He also teaches pre-sessional Academic English at the University of Bath, England. His research interests include assessment, critical testing, and the politics of curriculum.


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