A Metaphor Analysis on the “School Security” Perceptions of Elementary School Students


  • Mehmet Metin Arslan KırıkkaleUniversty


Abstract The main objective of this research is to determine the perception of elementary school students on school security by means of metaphors. In order to achieve this objective, the participants were asked to write down their metaphor on the “school security”. Raw data obtained by completing sentences such as “I think the school security is like... Because...” were studied according to content analysis and interpreted with descriptive analysis approach. Metaphors created were associated with a particular theme depending on the point of view of the participants and 11 (primary school 6, secondary school 5) conceptual categories were found in total. As a result of this process, the school security categories found for the 4th-grade primary school students are as follows: (1) Observing concept, (2) Safe place, (3) Disciplinary tool, (4) Protective element, (5) Productive concept, and (6) Freedom prohibiter. The school security categories found for the 8th-grade secondary school students are as follows: (1) Protective element, (2) Factor increasing safety, (3) Safe place, (4) Place restricting freedom, and (5) Productive concept. When the distribution of metaphors within each category was analyzed, it was found that the perception on school security is positive while their perception on the safety applications is negative.