Can we talk? Promoting the enactment of instructional strategies through dialogic feedback

Promoting the enactment of instructional strategies


  • Denisse Hinojosa Michigan State University


Prospective teachers (PTs) experience the complexity of teaching when they start developing their teaching practice in their field experiences. PTs express to have challenges when enacting new instructional strategies from teaching preparation and professional development programs because in most cases, PTs lack supports that can guide them in the process of enactment. This study contributes to the efforts done to bridge the disconnect between university-based teacher education and field-based experiences at schools. This study explores how the types of feedback provided on lesson plans (i.e., in the form of questions, direct, and positive reinforcement with explanations) and planning sessions (i.e., starting questions, two-option questions, and clarification questions) supported PTs in enacting and appropriating instructional strategies from a professional development program in their field experiences. Further, this study describes attributes that these types of feedback have for PTs to consider it (i.e., balanced, in the form of suggestions, positive, in the form of dialogue).