An examination of the article “Arithmetic (Mathematics) courses in primary schools” within the context of knowledge of mathematics teaching

Arithmetic (Mathematics) courses in primary schools



This research aims to give an idea of the approach of mathematics teaching in primary schools in the early years of Republic of Turkey and compare it with the current approach of teaching within the context of Mathematics Teaching Knowledge (MTK). Therefore, the sample of the study was the article entitled “Arithmetic (Mathematics) courses in primary schools” published in 1927 in one of the most influential education journals of Atatürk period – “Education Journal”. In the study, document analysis method was adapted. In the data collection process, initially, the article was translated from Ottoman Turkish to modern Turkish language. Later, the article was analysed through descriptive and content analysis in relation to the components of MTK. The results revealed that teachers were provided with recommendations referring to MTK components, namely association of mathematics with everyday life, use of materials, knowledge of conceptual relationships, level-appropriate teaching, and active student learning. It was also determined that the article put forward some other recommendations to primary school teachers addressing to the importance of improving advanced-level of thinking skills among students.