Learning styles of preservice music teachers: A sample of Aegean region

Learning styles of preservice music teachers


  • Evin Erden Topoğlu Aydın Adnan Menderes University


Considering the relationship between students' learning styles and their academic achievement, it is essential for both music educators and students themselves to know their learning styles for educators to plan the context of their lessons and for students to decide which studying strategy to use. The present study aims to reveal the levels of learning styles of the preservice music teachers and to examine whether there is a significant difference between the styles of learning of preservice music teachers and their genders, grades, the universities they are studying at, their career paths. Grasha-Reichman “Learning Styles Scale” which was translated into Turkish by Zerayak (2005) was used to investigate the levels of learning styles of preservice music teachers. The 32-items version of the scale was used which was reduced by Vural (2013). 350 preservice music teachers studying at the universities located in Aydın Denizli, İzmir, and Muğla attended the study voluntarily. The results have shown that preservice music teachers have moderate levels of all learning styles, and there are significant differences between their learning styles and their genders, grades, universities, and career paths. The results were discussed in the light of the literature, and suggestions have been made.