Analysis of classroom teachers’ storytelling in teaching mathematical skills

Storytelling in teaching mathematical skills



The storytelling method is one of the important ways that removes the obstacles to learning mathematics and makes it an understandable lesson. In this research, it is aimed that primary school teachers design stories for students to gain concepts about problem solving, fluency, reasoning and understanding skills. The study is a qualitative case study and the participants are 25 classroom teachers. The data were analyzed descriptively through qualitative programs. According to the results of the research, teachers can teach mathematical skills and the achievements in the international mathematics curriculum through storytelling. However, in their stories, they limitedly refer to the acquisitions that will enable them to relate to other courses such as teaching interdisciplinary concepts and object modeling. As a result of the study, it can be recommended to increase the awareness of teachers in in-service training or in undergraduate courses of teacher candidates on subjects such as the acquisition of mathematical skills, modeling and teaching interdisciplinary concepts. For this, alternative methods and techniques such as storytelling can be used.