Development of an entrepreneurship scale for students in the departments of foreign languages

Development of an entrepreneurship scale


  • Onur Köksal
  • Nurcihan Yürük Selçuk University


With the rapid increase in the number of universities in Turkey, the number of graduates in the field of foreign languages ​​has increased considerably as in every field. Following this, it has become difficult to find employment opportunities at civil service, and individuals have started to search for jobs in different fields. Therefore, there is a need for educated individuals who have developed themselves well in their field, who can take advantage of all kinds of opportunities in their field, who can take all risks, positive or negative, and who can bring new perspectives to the related sectors in their major. The purpose of the present research is to develop a valid and reliable measurement tool that can measure entrepreneurship among Foreign Language Students. The participants of the research were composed of randomly selected 123 students (24 males, 99 females) at the departments of Foreign Languages in state and private universities affiliated to the Council of Higher Education, Turkey. The data were collected using an item pool of student statements. The obtained data regarding the construct validity of the developed scale were analyzed through factor analysis, and the number of sub-dimensions of the scale was determined via principal components analysis. Afterwards, the Cronbach alpha value was checked for the reliability of the scale. Based on the findings to be obtained, the level of the internal consistency coefficient of the scale was determined.