Impacts of music education on different areas of personal development

Impacts of music education


  • Duygu Sökezoğlu Atılgan duygusokez


Different issues that cause anxiety in people such as future plans, academic success, self-confidence, and health have caused increase in the number of researches focusing on the role of art and music in life. The support of music education in many different development areas of individuals, especially children, has been proven by many studies in the literature. These examples have been analyzed in this research study besides the studies focusing on the impacts of music on adults. It is observed that some studies focus on instrumental music education while some others focus on different musical activities. The basic purpose of this study is to present the effects of music education on different areas of personal development. A detailed literature review process is followed in the scope of this research; numerous Turkish and foreign resources are analyzed and the data are obtained with document review technique. In line with the obtained data, the impact of music on mathematics, brain, cognitive, and physical development, academic success, attention development, and the impact of music on individuals that have different learning abilities are separately analyzed in this research study.