Teacher candidates’ perception according to mediation effect of play perception and play and physical activities lesson

Mediation effect of play perception and play and physical activities lesson


  • Sümeyra Akkaya İnönü University


The aim of this research is to determine the effect of play perception on play and physical activities lessons on sensory and behavioral attitudes in the context of the mediating effect of cognitive attitude. In this regard, a hypothetical model was proposed by examining the relationships between the relevant sub-dimensions in line with the literature review. A total of 310 teacher candidates studying in the classroom teaching department in the 2020-2021 academic year participated in the research. The study group was chosen by random method based on the voluntariness of the participants. In order to collect the relevant data in the research, two measurement tools were used in the data collection process; Play Perception Scale  developed by Güneş et al. (2020) and Attitude Scale towards Play and Physical Activities Lesson" developed by Hazar and Tekkurşun Demir (2017)  were applied. As a result of this study there is a significant and positive direct relationship between interest in the play and behavioral towards the lesson. It is said that as the interest in the play increases, the behavioral interest in the lesson also increases. Likewise, there is a linear relationship between the nature of the play and the affective attitude towards the lesson, and this relationship is negative.. In other words, as the perception of the nature of the play decreases, the sensory attitude increases. Looking at the mediation test results; The cognitive attitude towards the lesson, whose mediation is tested in the theoretical model, acts as a meaningful mediator between the function of the play and the behavioral attitude. When the mediating effect of the cognitive attitude between the authenticity of the play and the behavioral and sensory attitudes is examined, it is observed that it is significant. As the specificity of the play increases, the cognitive attitude decreases. is seen that the cognitive attitude is a significant mediator between the nature of the play and the behavioral and sensory attitudes.