Teachers' knowledge about dyslexia and reading models

Dyslexia and reading models


  • Özlem Altındağ Kumaş dicle üniversitesi
  • Halime Miray Sümer Dodur nevşehir hacı bektaş veli üniversitesi
  • Tansel Yazıcıoğlu nevşehir hacı bektaş veli üniversitesi


Dyslexia is a phenomenon that recently has been recognized socially and attracted the attention of educators in Turkey. For this reason, in Turkey, scientific research on dyslexia is quite limited and teachers lack sufficient knowledge. The purpose of this study was to examine the dyslexia-related knowledge and beliefs of teachers, who have in their classrooms students with dyslexia, and to identify which reading approaches these teachers used. The quantitative data of the study was obtained from 400 and the qualitative data was obtained from 40 classroom teachers. The Scale of Knowledge and Beliefs about Developmental Dyslexia was applied to identify the knowledge and beliefs of teachers about dyslexia and the Development of the Teachers' Beliefs About Literacy Questionnaire to identify their reading approaches. The qualitative and quantitative results together show that teachers have common misconceptions about dyslexia and use the teacher-centered bottom-up reading approach.