Syntax comprehension skills of Turkish-speaking students with Dyslexia

Syntax comprehension skills of students with Dyslexia


  • Halime Miray Sümer Dodur Dr.


Given the fact that the role of syntactic awareness skills on the acquisition of reading skills, we can see how important it is for children to acquire such skills and to solve the relevant problems. This study analyzes the syntactic comprehension skills of students diagnosed with dyslexia. A total of 50 students with dyslexia, 25 in fourth grade and 25 in sixth grade, participated in the study. Attention was paid so that students with dyslexia and those with normal development included in the study had a similar word reading performance. A total of 12 simple and complex syntactic comprehension questions were asked to evaluate the syntactic comprehension performances of students. Compared to their peers without dyslexia, students with dyslexia have low syntactic comprehension performance in both simple and complex structures. This difference was discussed in terms of limitations in syntactic knowledge and skills of students with dyslexia, the reading strategy they use, and their morphological knowledge and skills.