Metaphorical perceptions of prospective teachers towards socioscientific issues

Metaphorical perceptions of prospective teachers


  • Gamze Hastürk Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University


In this study, it is aimed to determine the metaphorical perceptions of prospective science, social studies and classroom teachers towards socioscientific issues. The study was carried out with third and fourth class prospective science (f: 41), classroom (f: 129), and social studies (f: 73) teachers of the faculty of education at a state university in the Central Black Sea region in Turkey in 2019-2020 academic year. In the study, the forms of metaphors including eight socioscientific issues such as nuclear power plants, artificial intelligence, genetically modified organisms, organ transplantation, surrogate motherhood, global warming, stem cells and cloning were used as data collection tools. The prospective teachers enrolled in the study group were given the forms which were written an expression like “The artificial intelligence is like… …… ……………because………...” to collect data as “documents” in the study. Content analysis was used in data analysis.  As a result of the study, the students created 42 metaphors about nuclear power plants, 31 about artificial intelligence, 26 about organ transplantation, 29 about surrogate motherhood, 30 about genetically modified organisms, 23 about global warming, 28 about stem cells and 21 about cloning, and they created categories for each concept. In the light of the findings, the importance of socioscientific issues was emphasized and suggestions were made for program determinants, researchers and practitioners regarding teaching.

Keywords: Socioscientific Issues, Prospective Teachers, Metaphor.