A dilemma of primary schools’ transition: A stance from classroom teachers in Assaba-County, Mauritania

A dilemma of primary schools’ transition


  • Mohamed Leghdaf Abdellahi Southwest University
  • Francis Stonier southwest university


This study aimed to explore factors influencing students' transition from primary to secondary schools, the discrepancy of primary and secondary enrollments. The study used cluster sampling for identifying schools from the district of Assaba. The study aimed to explore the issue from teachers' perspectives. Classical Liberal Theory was adopted as a framework to guide this study.  The theory argues that all individuals have the right to access education without any disparity. So, education systems are found to develop human capabilities and enable individuals to further their inherent skills.  A qualitative approach was used as a methodology of the study, using a narrative inquiry approach to explore participants' perceptions about factors influencing the transition from primary to secondary.  Interviews were the instrument used to collect data from 12 participants selected randomly from 3 schools. The study found that discontinuity of learning, home distance from schools, gender preference in education, and low income impact the transition from primary to secondary levels. The study recommends that school principals enhance counseling guidelines in schools for students, engaging parents' participation in the education process.