Teacher perceptions of using chess as a heuristic pedagogical method

Teacher perceptions of using chess


  • George Chitiyo Tennessee Technological University
  • Lisa Zagumny Tennessee Technological University
  • Krista Davis Tennessee Technological University
  • Michael Littrell
  • Ashley Akenson
  • Kevin Besnoy
  • Allen Mathende
  • Kinsey Potter Tennessee Technological University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the experiences and perceptions of teachers who used chess during instruction for an entire academic year in several school districts in a southern U.S. state. Data for the study were obtained via an electronic survey administered to a sample of 62 teachers in Spring 2018. Results of the study showed that the teachers were enthusiastic about using chess during instruction, and they were largely positive regarding the perceived benefits of chess among their students.

Keywords: Chess playing; teacher perceptions; chess benefits