Examination of student perceptions about helicopter parental attitudes

Helicopter parental attitudes



Helicopter parent attitude and behaviours cause problems for students by affecting children’s academic success family, work, social and business lives. It is crucial to understand how middle school students are affected by helicopter parental attitudes and behaviours. The sample of the research consists of 374 female, 301 male and 675 students in total.  In the research, helicopter parent scale and personal information form were used as data collecting tools. Relationship screening model was used in the research. In the study executed with this goal, it was examined with adequate statistical methods whether if middle school students’ helicopter parents’ attitude and behaviours differ depending on gender, class, the number of children, family income level, the parents’ education level and the parents’ ages. T-test and ANOVA were used as statistical methods. At the end of the research it was determined that helicopter parental attitudes affect children’s school lives. Along with that, it was stated that students’ perception level towards helicopter parent attitudes vary depending on gender and class. The child’s life experiences are linked to the conditions and approaches of the family. At the end of the research done, it was determined that helicopter parent attitudes resemble each other, and that the socio-economic competence of the parents, age groups, education levels and the number of individuals in the family are some of the determining factors in the students’ life and learning life.