Reconsidering the citizenship education in Turkey: Is citizenship education possible in preschool period?

Reconsidering the citizenship education


  • Fatih Kayaalp Yazar


This study aimed to examine the applicability of citizenship education - one of the main objectives of social studies education- in early childhood, considering the opinions of preschool teachers. The study used a case study design, involving a sample group of twenty-four preschool teachers. The data were gathered using semi structured interview forms and analyzed with content analysis using MAXQDA 2020. As a result, it appeared that traditional citizenship characteristics based on duties and responsibilities were dominant in preschool teachers’ perceptions of citizenship although modern citizenship characteristics that prioritize rights and freedoms were observed as well. Also, the participants ascribed similar meanings to the concepts of good and efficient citizenship, and further asserted that developing an infrastructure for citizenship education in preschool would make significant contributions to subsequent learning processes. Emphasizing that preschool is a critical period, the teachers drew attention to the fact that it can be an opportunity for citizenship education. Additionally, they pointed out that teaching the issues related to citizenship during preschool could be conducted through such techniques as game-based teaching, narration through storytelling, and using animations or cartoons based on the theme of citizenship education.