Complying with the English language curriculum in Turkey: Speaking activities in local and international coursebooks

Speaking activities in local and international coursebooks


  • Tunay Taş Hacettepe University
  • Özlem Khan Hacettepe University


This study aims to investigate whether there is a discrepancy between local and international language coursebooks as regards types of speaking activities and their compliance with the goals related to developing learners’ communicative competence as stated in the Turkish official curriculum of language education. It comparatively classifies speaking activities in two 9th grade language coursebooks according to a taxonomy developed by Khan & Tas (2019). In this taxonomy, speaking activities are divided into categories as pre-communicative and communicative.  Results indicate that the international coursebook is relatively more communicative than the local one, the latter of which seems to be dependent more upon pre-communicative activities, hence deviating from the communicative goals. The difference implies an advantage in favour of the international coursebook with respect to developing learners’ communicative competence. It is, therefore, discussed that a truly communicative mindset is not only required in preparing the curriculum but also writing local coursebooks that are assumed to reflect the goals of that curriculum.