Post pandemic education: Distance education to artificial intelligence based education

Post pandemic education


  • Mehmet Seren AKEV University
  • Zeynel Ersin ÖZCAN


The concept of distance education has become even more substantial in the days when humanity is having difficult times with pandemic. Besides, there is an idea that education will have transformed when the life after pandemic starts. Aim of this research is to discuss artificial intelligence-supported or artificial intelligence-based education, which is a type of distance education and to contribute to people’s manifesting different perspectives on education, which has differentiated under emergency cases such as pandemics or natural disasters and in technological advances as well. To reveal methods that can contribute to increase efficiency of distance education is aimed within the scope of the research. Whether the human education may be left to machines or not, and what kind of situations will be encountered if such a system is used is discussed within the scope of the research. Results indicate that artificial intelligence-based education should be discussed in depth by stakeholders in all areas and should be arranged for the benefit of human beings.