The comparison of math textbooks in Turkey and Singapore in terms of technology integration

The comparison of math textbooks


  • Nazan Mersin
  • Mehmet Akif Karabörk


This study aimed to compare the math textbooks for 5th – 8th grades in Turkey and Singapore in terms of their integration of educational technology. In this regard, the textbooks a) approved by Turkey's Ministry of Education, and b) Singapore's New Syllabus series of math were analyzed via document analysis method. For the analysis, this study drew on the framework developed by Sevimli and Kul (2015). Based on this framework, the contents were evaluated according to the type of educational technology, learning area and the integration of technology. As a result, it was observed that technology integration is quantitatively more in Singapore textbooks. However, this difference is largely due to the use of a calculator. However, the usage purpose of technological tools is similar in both countries. The distribution of technological tools according to learning areas has shown a more homogeneous structure in Singapore. The use of technological tools distribution in Turkey has focused on "numbers and operations" and "geometry and measurement" in the learning area. From this point of view, it is thought that the technology integration in the textbooks of both countries should be improved in terms of quality.