Effects of COVID-19 period on educational systems and institutions

Effects of COVID-19 period


  • Hüsne Mehtap Süt
  • Behçet Öznaçar


The COVID-19 is currently having a serious impact on the business organizations and the lives of people; and influencing the supply chain due to worldwide lockdown. The governments and medical department do not have any specific plan and medical support to control the pandemic. The educational system and institutions are going through a tough time in order to maintain the educational activities as the immune system of children and students is weak, which might affect the health badly. The study investigated the impact of COVID-19 period on education systems and institutions. For this purpose, the data were collected through a questionnaire responded by 50 participants (teachers and students). The participants were selected using the non-probability sampling method. The results revealed that there was a negative impact on an educational system like loss of human resources, investment for developing the online system for smart classes and providing the data and information using the technology.