Determining the Somato-type Characteristics of Turkish Male National Boxers

Determining the Somato-type Characteristics


  • Erdal Bal
  • Çiğdem Bulgan
  • Bergün Meriç Bingül
  • Hakan Tan


The study aimed to determine the Somatotype characteristics of Turkish national male boxers, since the somatotype profile helps to establish an athlete's suitability for a sport. Twenty-five elite boxers (mean age 16.50±1.06 years; mean height 172±0.06cm and mean mass 64.62±9.88kg), who had some experiences in national and international tournaments participated in the study. Skinfold thicknesses, length and circumference measurements were conducted for all the boxers. Characteristics of somatotype were determined by using Heath-Carter and statistical analysis were made on computer using SPSS for Windows program. According to the results, Somatotypes were calculated as Endomorphy 3.42±1.03mean±SD; Mesomorphy 4.39±0.84 mean±SD and Ectomorphy 3.121±0.95mean±SD respectively. Thus, it was determined that boxers generally have a mesomorph structure.