Using complementary strategies for students’ didactic evaluation

Using supplementary strategies


  • Valentin Cosmin Blandul


Didactic evaluation represents one of the most important component of teaching / learning process, that can offer for professors the image of level in which their students acquire the knowledge they have been taught. In the present paper, we are planning to describe the status and role of self-evaluation in student assessment and a possible way to do this activity. The sample of research was composed from 116 students who are attending the initial training in didactic career from University of Oradea Romania, who should anticipate the mark that they estimate to obtain at Pedagogy exam, before and over to solve the task that two marks were compared with the one accorded by the teacher. The results show that many students sub-evaluate themselves. Therefore, we will try to explain the causes which generate this scholar situation and to identify some possibilities to improve the capacity of students for realistic self-evaluation.