EFL Students' Competencies with Regard to English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

EFL Students' Competencies


  • Hakan Aydoğan


The study aimed to examine students' competencies related to English for academic purposes (EAP). The research questions included the relationships between students' interest in academic writing, their level of English proficiency, as well as subjective and objective measures of their EAP competencies. 152 Turkish students participated this study in a Meditterranean city university, out of which 80 were females and 72 were males. All of them were asked to take a short test which measures their EAP knowledge and to estimate their level of EAP competencies and interest in academic writing. Correlational analysis, chi-square test and independent samples t-test were used to answer the research questions. The findings revealed positive correlations between the objective measure of EAP knowledge, self-reports of EAP competences and interest in academic writing. EAP test showed to be difficult for students. Statistically significant gender differences were found only in case of English proficiency levels where females outperformed males.