Investigating the levels of teacher retention within the context of sustainable education policies in Turkey

Levels of teacher retention


  • Ayça Kaya
  • Türkan Argon


The objective of this study is to set the views of teachers regarding teacher retention as well as to determine whether these views might change in reference to personal variables or not. Being a descriptive survey model study, it involves 1218 teachers working at state and private middle and high schools located in Adapazarı District of Sakarya Province at 2018-2019 Academic Year and who have been selected through segmented-simple random sampling. “Teacher Retention Scale” developed by Brydson Alexander (2010) and adapted into Turkish culture standards by Kaya (2019) has been used in the study to collect data. In the analysis of the data, parametric analyses have been used. The views of teachers regarding teacher retention in reference to their personal variables have marked significant differences depending on type of institution, union membership and wage satisfaction, while they have marked no significant difference depending on the variables of sex, marital status, type of school, field of study, professional seniority, term of employment and the school of graduation. The significant differences in teacher retention have been found to be in favour of teachers who work at private schools; who lack union membership and among those who are satisfied with their wages.