Academics’ professional development needs and gains during COVID-19 distance education emergency transition in Turkey

Academics’ professional development needs and gains


  • Alev Elçi


The higher education institutions’ mandatory transition to distance education during the COVID-19 outbreak led to restructuring of teaching and learning processes in Turkey. The aim of this research is determining the gains and needs of faculty members in academic activities in Turkey context. A qualitative research method was used and data was collected from 364 faculty members from different demographics, using an open-ended, semi-structured online survey. Three main themes and a total of 40 sub-themes were determined using the content analysis method. Findings showed that faculty broadened their knowledge and experience in distance learning, citing the need to improve their academic and professional development. Some faculty stated very intensive gain of digital literacy skills and competencies and online course materials; while others stated further improvement was needed in these subjects. These findings are important as a means to take the necessary precautions to improve academician’s professional development and students' learning during the continuation of emergency process.