Suggestions for sustainable mathematics teaching: storytelling of elementary school mathematics topics

Sustainable mathematics teaching


  • Adem Doğan


In the age of change, rapid changes occur in the education and teaching process as in every field. The changes have brought new insights and practices to the mathematics teaching process, just like any other lesson. One of these changes is teaching with storytelling method. Learning with this method can be envisaged to warrant a more permanent, fun and sustainable structure. The stories always have a significant place for the educational process of children from past to present due to their vital texture. Recently, using stories in mathematics teaching has been considered as a fairly new understanding since the effective mathematics teaching process and academic success in mathematics are a quest that has been going on for many years. This quest has been the main driving force in the emergence of different applications. In this regard, this study aims to examine how the pre-service classroom teachers can transfer elementary school mathematics topics to students through stories for sustainable academic and life skills. Having a qualitative research design, the study employed a phenomenological design. The pre-service teachers were asked to turn a topic they chose from the elementary school mathematics curriculum into a story in accordance with the grade level. The participants consisted of 94 pre-service teachers studying at classroom teaching department. Based upon the results obtained from the stories, the stories written by the pre-service classroom were noted to cover all learning domains and sub-learning domains. 94 stories were identified to include each of the 229 objectives available in the Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum.