Examination of the Relationship between Organizational Resilience and Organizational Sustainability at Higher Education Institution

Gözde Sezen-Gültekin, Türkan Argon


As organizational environments become increasingly complex, uncertain and unpredictable, organizations face more crises and are forced to maintain their resilience in these circumstances. In spite of these situations, organizations that maintain their resilience try to secure their organizational sustainability by taking their existence one step further. According to the UNDP report, organizations can create a sustainable dynamic if they can make individuals and communities more resilient. Then it is obviously seen that organizational resilience and organizational sustainability concepts are related to each other. For this reason, the aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between organizational resilience and organizational sustainability at educational organizations based on the opinion of academicians. In this respect, the study was designed with a relational screening model which is one of the quantitative research methods. The sample of the study consisted of the 322 academicians who worked at a state university in Turkey and were selected by the maximum diversity method. As the data collection tools, Organizational Resilience Scale and Organizational Sustainability Scale were used. After correlation analysis, it was occurred that organizational resilience had a high positive relationship with the overall dimensions of organizational sustainability, and the sub-dimensions of social sustainability and administrative sustainability. In addition, organizational resilience had also a moderate positive relationship with the sub-dimensions of environmental sustainability; cultural sustainability and economic sustainability. In this case, it was seen that the results obtained in the study were supported by other studies in the literature.

Keywords: Educational organization; higher education institution; organizational resilience; organizational sustainability; relational screening model

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