A comparison of diversity in the writing processes of writers: Implications for teaching of writing in Pakistan

Diversity in the writing processes of writers


  • Rabia Saleem High Courts, Lahore, Pakistan


Writing researchers have shown increasing interest in the writing process of individuals. This interest has largely been stimulated by interest in writing instruction as well as such pressing issues as the writing processes of ESL writers and the effects of L1 on L2. This article outlines the diversity in writing processes of Pakistani writers, highlighting the writer's individual style of writing. Cognitive process model of writing has been reviewed and discussed in Pakistani context. In process model of writing, which is proposed as an alternative to product oriented model of writing, writing is said to be an individual process of writer for the reader. In the process of writing, writers may be said to explore various writing tools which gradually enable them to set an identical writing style. Writers vary in the use of their writing processes that make writing a non-linear process. Differences in each individual’s writing style are evident. This study offers interpretive evidence of how these individuals may differ in their writing processes.

Author Biography


Ghulam Haider

Assistant Professor (Department of Professional Studies)

Ali Institute of Education

PhD (Scholar) Department of Special Education, University of the Punjab,Lahore,Pakistan

Email: haider038@gmail.com


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