A qualitative research on the problems faced by physical education teachers working with individuals with autism

Problems faced by physical education teachers


  • Yeliz Ilgar Dogan
  • Aziz Cag


The aim of this study is to determine the problems experienced by physical education teachers working with individuals with autism in the field of work and during the working process, with their own experiences and expressions. Knowing that the answers to be given by entering the inner world of the individual with a phenomenological method are relative, the individual with special needs and the difficulties he encounters, as well as the ways of coping with these difficulties and solution suggestions are discussed. The research was carried out with the voluntary participation of 5 physical education teachers working with private individuals.

In this research, a qualitative research method and semi-structured interview technique were used. It includes descriptive-content analysis and interpretation of the data obtained with the interview form. Categories were created for each question. Responses were analyzed in 4 categories. In this process, it has been tried to determine the role of factors such as the problems experienced or faced by physical education teachers, the difficulties and the ways of struggling with them, the functioning of the course, the size of the field and material, the environment, family, institutions and economics in this process.