The content analysis of coaching education programs in Turkey

Coaching education programs in Turkey



The way to achieve many goals in the field of sports, such as raising successful athletes, ensuring the representation of the country in the field of sports in the international arena, spreading sports awareness in the social dimension, is primarily through the training of trainers. In both the amateur and professional sports world, it is necessary to make participation in sports sustainable beyond ensuring it.   In this context, coach education is of critical importance. In this study, it is aimed to reveal the coaching education system in Turkey in all aspects. In order to collect the data, the requirements for admission to coach education in Turkey, coaching levels, working areas of these levels and the requirements and processing steps towards obtaining a coaching certificate were revealed using a thematic compilation pattern within the framework of a detailed literature-based resource scanning method.As a result of the data obtained, the duties, authorities and responsibilities of coaches, the fields in which they operate, transitions between coaching levels, graduates of sports science faculties of universities and the rights and exemptions granted to successful athletes and coaches within the framework of the coaching training program were deciphered. This study is thought to contribute to the field of coaching education due to the lack of studies in the international literature on coach education in Turkey and the limited number of studies in the national literature.

Author Biography

Beyza Akyüz, Fenerbahçe University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, İstanbul, Turkey

Beyza Akyüz graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching. She is currently working as faculty member at Fenerbahçe University, Department of Coaching Education. Field of study is movement and training and exercise physiology.