Examining university students' social desirability and culture of being healthy

Social Desirability and Culture



sports that are increasing in popularity, such as yoga and fitness, are considered important. This study aims to examine the health culture and social desirability levels of university students who do yoga and fitness. The quantitative method was used in the study. In the first part, as demographic information; There are questions about gender, age, the type of sport he does, and how many days a week he is involved in sports. In the second part, the culture of being healthy scale developed by Alfrey et al. (2019) and adapted into Turkish by Uğraş et al. (2021) was used. In the third part, the social desirability scale developed by Erzen et al. (2021) was used. After the data were collected in the study, first of all, the skewness-kurtosis homogeneity test and the Cronbach alpha reliability test were performed. In the homogeneous data, an independent t-test for paired groups and anova test for groups of three or more were performed with the SPSS program. According to the results of the study; in the sub-dimension of criticism of individual actions; It is seen that being male, being between the ages of 18-23, and doing yoga have a significantly higher mean value than the others.

Author Biographies

Erdem Ayyildiz

I'm graduated from Ataturk University Sport Sciences Bs, Sport Management and Gazi University Health Sciences Ins. Ms. Phd had from Ankara university Health Sciences Ins. I'm research assistant at Namık kemal University. My area is Sport Management.

Hamza Kaya Besler, Pamukkale University, Pamukkale, Denizli and 20160, Turkiye

Dr. Hamza Kaya is a graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Sports Management Department. He received his master’s degree from Ankara University Sports Management, and his Ph.D. degree from Eskişehir Anadolu University Social Sciences Institute Sports Management and Recreation. His Ph.D. thesis is about mental training with wearable technology. He is also a soccer and martial arts trainer. Moreover, he trains people as a mental performance coach.