"The teacher" in the memory of teacher candidates

"The teacher" in the memory


  • Ümit Polat author


The aim of this study is to investigate the attitudes, behaviors, communication with students, field dominance, personality traits of teachers who leave positive and negative traces in the education and training life of pre-service teachers and how these common characteristics and attitudes affect them deeply. The students stated that they never forget their teachers who left a trace and that they will take a model for themselves when they start the teaching profession. The study group of the research consists of students studying in different departments from Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University Faculty of Education in the 2021-2022 academic year. A total of 100 students, 40 males and 60 females, participated in the study. As a result of the research, it was seen that the students like and take as an example of the teachers who show understanding and love, who are friendly, open to communication, humorous, who explain the lesson in a fluent style, make the lesson enjoyable, make a difference, inspire and especially empathize and are open to criticism. In this context, the teachers who were prescriptive and apathetic, closed to communication, authoritarian, did not use a clear and understandable language, and could not master the classroom management in the lesson, negatively affected the teacher candidates. As a result of this research, pre-service teachers stated that they realized how they would make a difference and leave a mark on students when they started the teaching profession, by developing their empathy skills in line with these experiences, based on their experiences in their own education and training life.

Keywords: Teaching profession, personality traits, attitudes, teacher candidates' memories