An analysis of the book “Gift for Children” an exemplary book on child education in Ottoman times (1875)

An analysis of the book "Gift for Children"


  • Savaş Karagöz authors
  • Ümit Polat


The future of countries depends on the educational opportunities provided to their children. As in every country, the Ottoman Empire understood the importance of child education after Tanzimat and took steps on this issue in the 1869 Maarifi Umumiye Regulation. In the following years, the number of printed and periodical publications for children's education increased. As the first book for ottoman-era children's education, "Children's First Information" is published by Ali Nazima in 1890 with the approval of Maarif Custody. In this field, it is seen that it was published in booklet types for children before this date. One of them is the booklet titled "Gift to Children (1875)", which was printed by maarif custody in this study. The printing of the book in the state printing press and the distribution of it to children through maarif power of attorney shows the importance given to children's education at that time.  In this study, document analysis technique was used from document scanning methods. In this booklet, scientific advice, geographical knowledge, Ottoman history, plant science, nebatat, animal science- zoo, various professions and moral knowledge are given as examples. When evaluated as of the semester, this booklet, which is at the level of the main school (preschool) and the elementary school, shows that it contributes to the general cultural gains of children.