Using five-step online individual counseling in coping with fear of death: A case example

Using five-step online individual counseling


  • Ahmet Kara Kastamonu University, Department of Developmental Psychology,


The aim of the current research is to present a case of a client experiencing fear of death based on five stages of online individual counseling. For this aim, this case was evaluated based on the individual counseling process defined by Hackney and Cormier (2008) as five stages. In this context, the 1st session was carried out as the phase of establishing the relationship with the client, the definition of the problem in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sessions, the 5th session goal setting phase, the 6th 7th and 8th session intervention phase, and the 9th session termination phase. In the current research, the client has produced some strategies to cope with the fear of death with the effect of the online individual counseling process. These; developing alternative thoughts instead of negative thoughts, becoming desensitized, confronting, getting support from religious and spiritual values, instilling a sense of hope, trying to manage negative emotions such as anxiety and fear in panic situations with breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, getting to know oneself better, feeling of self-confidence and courage.