Examination of the questions in the primary school Turkish worksheets in terms of various classification systems

Questions in the primary school Turkish worksheets


  • Burak Delican Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University


In this research, the questions in the Turkish Course (2,3,4) Worksheets were examined in terms of various classification systems. In this direction, the questions in the worksheets were evaluated with the document-material analysis technique in accordance with the structure of the qualitative research. During the research process, Turkish Course Worksheets consisting of 4 books prepared for primary schools by the General Directorate of Assessment, Evaluation and Examination Services of the Ministry of National Education were determined as research material. During the research process, 121 questions in the books were examined, and the Question Analysis List/Chart (QAL) was used as a data collection tool. In line with the data collection tool, the questions were examined in terms of their types, their purpose of formation, and the sources of answer. In addition, the questions addressed during the research process were classified in terms of the levels of Barett's taxonomy and the cognitive process levels of the revised Bloom's taxonomy. According to the results of the research, in terms of question types, it was determined that Open-Ended and Gap-Filling question types were mostly included; Multiple Choice, Matching, True-False etc. types of questions were rarely included. In terms of the purpose of formation, questions such as Identity, Listing and Evaluation were frequently included; Prediction, Definition, Cause/Effect, Comparison etc. types of questions were less included. It has been determined that there were intratextual and extratextual questions in terms of answer source, but intertextual questions were not included. In terms of cognitive process levels of the Revised Bloom's taxonomy, it was concluded that there were questions that employ low-level cognitive processes for the Remembering, Understanding and Applying levels. In terms of Barrett's taxonomy, it was determined that the questions at the Literal Comprehension level were more intense in the Turkish Worksheets.