The current impact of anxiety on English learning

Impact of anxiety on learning English


  • İrfan Tosuncuoğlu


The twenty first century is the age when the interaction among human beings increases rapidly along with developing and changing societies. In addition to this, establishing interaction with other people brings along the notion of competition. Anxiety is a term which leads to various results among the individuals depending on the occasion. It can be said generally that anxiety is a physiological and psychological state which may occur in case of an activity or a state and which may have negative impacts. So as to understand the effect of anxiety on English learning, a survey was carried out. The students at the Karabuk University constitute the universe of this study. The survey was conducted in the spring term of the 2020-2021 AY. There were 62 participants who  want to be English teachers after the graduation. They were from all grades; daytime, evening and distance-education programs at Karabuk University. The participants were aged between 21 and 27-over. They took part in the survey voluntarily. The statistical analyses of survey are performed by means of the IBM-SPSS Statistics, Version 23·0 program (Armonk, New York). The salience level is set to 0,05. The total scores, standard deviations, and mean measurement values are calculated with descriptive analysis. It is believed that the results of this research give a contribution to the related literature.