Teaching technical words for medical purposes in Afghanistan

Teaching technical words


  • Mirza Mohammad Borhan Instructor at Badakhashan University


Over the last decades, researches have been conducted on different disciplines and in teaching English for specific purposes in different context, but teaching technical words for doctors in the context of Afghanistan is the newest subject. In Afghanistan, English is used as a foreign language and it is not the medium of instruction in the class because the national languages play the key role in instruction. It is really important for the doctors to learn English in order to learn new information and should be aware about progress, especially in medical. At the same time, most of the names of drugs have been written based on English and it is necessary for them to know English in their own discipline. This paper is written based on quantitative research and Questionnaire was the tool for data collection and it was sent to doctors who were in Afghanistan, particularly in Badakshan Province. In learning English language for doctors, they wanted technical words that are very important in their daily works. They wanted to improve four skills of English language as well because they need to communicate with their colleagues. This paper ends with significance of technical words for doctors in the context of Afghanistan.

Key words: context; technical words; disciplines; medical; instruction and improving language skills